Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Snow Globe Exercise - The Way Marisa does it each day upon waking and before bed!

The Snow Globe Exercise
(The way Marisa does it!)
(excerpt from the snow globe by Marisa and Joe Moris : Available on NOW!) 

The snow globe is meant to be an intuitive exercise for those who are or are not intuitive and it is also meant to be a tool for intuitive adults and children to take their skills and abilities to a new, quantum level of understanding.  

The Snow Globe has been the most proven tool in teaching beginners and advanced students to learn to read energy by not just to sporadically seeing or feeling it’s presence but to call it in, see it, and understand it enough to relay messages to others or self about the nature of the aura and energetic structure in question.  

The amazing thing about the Snow Globe is it can be as simple or as complex as you would like it to be while the results still stay equally effective no matter which route you choose to take because it is not you healing you… it is you calling upon a larger aspect of you to clear you while you witness or imagine it being done!  It’s brilliant and I thank my guide for it every day!  

Once you have the simple structure of connecting to and embodying your higher self by imagining that you are inside the lit up area just below the heart and allowing a beam of light from above you to expand the lit up area through your entire snow globe you may feel pulled to visualize something that is not in these steps.  That is GREAT!  That is your Higher Self communicating with you!  Good Job!!  

MY ONLY WARNING IS and this is VERY IMPORTANT …. Do NOT imagine pulling energy from anywhere other than DIRECTLY above you.  Directly above you is all the layers of source, your soul, and the Christ light.  To the sides of you and in front of you are other beings that will pose as source to unsuspecting newbies and even long time mediums, healers, and channels who cannot see the way I can see or have just not dug around and asked the same questions I have harassed the other side with when it comes to the structure of reality and all the things that clairvoyants see.  I am SUPER nosey!! (hehe)  It took me a few years to chart out where all beings stand and now teach a class on this chart.  But for simplicity sake…. Only pull from above if you feel drawn to change the exercise.  If you are interested in my Anatomy of the Soul or Angels, Guides, and Teachers class information can be found on my web site. 

1)    Find a place where you can concentrate for 5 minutes
2)    Close your eyes
3)    Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth a few times.  

*If it helps imagine a ball of light in front of your face with mist coming off of it.  This is a ball of energy that will clean out your "distractions" and blockages keeping you from being able to concentrate.  Imagine as you breathe in that you breathe in the mist and when you breathe out, breathe out the yucky stuff you have in your body or your mind like stress, anger, frustration... this can be your own feelings or "snow flakes" that you have taken on from others around you. 

4)    Now that you feel somewhat settled, say in your head "Where am I right now?"  Your awareness will most likely shift to somewhere other than in your head.  It could be right outside your head or it could be 1000 miles away day dreaming about vacation or you could be at the office thinking of all you need to get done.  In your mind say “Please come back now, thank you” and imagine a little version of you moving in toward your mind.  Keep in mind that you could very well be in one place or 500 so you may see that you are in lots of places.  With your imagination move the little you (consciousness) into the center of your brain.  Once you can imagine that YOU are in the middle of your brain continue to breathe and feel what it feels like to be in your brain.  Is it calm, busy, noisy, quiet, hot, cold, full, empty, etc…?  

**For more advanced students**  What does the little you look like right now?  Does it look like you?  Does it look like someone else?  Is it a ball of light or an actual person?  What color is the you that you are imagining?  (This is NOT necessary to do but if you are an advance student you can get a vast amount of information from how you see your consciousness at any given time.  I write more about this in my snow globe exercise book on spiritual and intuition development. 

5)    Next imagine that there is a ball 2 feet above your head.  What color do you imagine it is?  Make sure it is  DIRECTLY ABOVE you and then with your mind imagine it dropping from STRAIGT above your head into your head.  When it is surrounding the consciousness you just pulled into the middle of your brain imagine now that you are in that bubble, inside your brain and continue to breathe.

6)    You may take a moment to feel what your mind feels like now.  Has it slowed down or sped up?  Is the texture and temperature the same?  There is no correct or incorrect answer and this changes 1000’s of times a day so don’t judge yourself or get frustrated over this step.

7)    Now say “I am now a snow globe”

8)    Imagine that you are a statue in the middle of the snow globe

9)    Feel what the statue feels or imagine what the statue looks like

10) Imagine what it looks like from all directions (you can pretend there is a dressing room mirror in front and behind you so that you can see all sides of your statue....) is it a certain color, shape, or texture?

11) Now bring your awareness out to the water around the statue.  What does it feel like?  Does it have a goopy texture or is the water thin?  If you were swimming in the water and looking through goggles would it appear Clear or Murky?  What would it look like?

12) Imagine or think “if there were snowflakes in here what color would they be?  What would they look like?  Spend a moment experiencing and imagining what your snow globe feels and looks like. 

13) Bring your awareness to the outside of your snow globe.  Is the glass globe small or is your snow globe very large?  Feel to see what this feels like.... imagine what it looks like.  Is the glass cracked or dirty or is it clean and intact?  Feel and imagine what it looks and feels like from the inside and the outside.  Let your imagination run wild!


14) Drop the bubble in your mind down to the area just below your heart or imagine that a ball of energy drops from your head to this area below the heart and above the solar plexus in your “statue”. This is the seat of your soul and is always shining bright even when you are covered in muck and can hardly see or feel it.

15) Imagine that you look up now to see a HUGE BRIGHT SHINING snow globe dropping down above you and stopping about 6 feet above you. Coming from it there is a LASER beam of energy, or liquid light dropping down into your snow globe, through your head, and pouring down into the seat of your soul just above the solar plexus. 

16) As this energy pours into the bubble that your awareness is now in it begins to expand.  It gets bigger and bigger transmuting ALL DARKNESS, all attachments, anything that is not YOU.  As the bubble is infused with the energy from the higher snow globe the water becomes crystal clear, the snowflakes turn white, and any cracks or distortions to your glass are INSTANTLY repaired.

17) Once the seat of the soul is expanded out to the size of your snow globe you are done clearing yourself.

18) Say “Shield my snow globe”

19)  A beautiful golden liquid will pour down over your snow globe and coat it. You may imagine a a thick coat of paint pouring down over your snow globe until it is surrounding your entire snow globe.  As you imagine the coating from above drying you can feel what it feels like to be cleansed clear protected and embodying your higher self. 

20) Congratulations you Just did the Snow globe! 

21) Keep on practicing!!  You will grow to LOVE it just like we did!!  You will begin to learn what certain colors feel like and what causes them.  You will start to see when you are attached to other snow globes and when you are being drained by another person’s snow globe. 

22) Always do this exercise without agenda and without judgement.  This is the glorious thing about the snow globe you are not looking at your energy or your chakras and you are not looking at YOU… You are looking at and feeling a snow globe so your mind releases attachment to judgement and makes it a fun and super effective multidimensional healing tool that ANYONE can do it.  IF my dad is keeping his energy clear using the snow globe ANYONE can!!

23) HAVE FUN!! 

24) Move onto the Manifestation Exercise if desired!

Exercise to Manifest with your Snow Globe!
JESUS:            “This is an exercise in which we would like you to either put in the beginning of the book or the end of the book.  We can mention it in the beginning of the book and say ‘At the end of the book is an amazing manifestation exercise.’  What we would like for people to do is, in the morning decide what they want and write it down.  If they want to go to the gym, they want to go to the gym for 45 minutes, they want to have a lunch break where they get to enjoy themselves and not worry about work, they want to make five extra deals more than they usually do, they want to make $2,000 extra, whatever it is that they write down.  They are going to write this down on a piece of paper.  As they write these things down on a piece of paper, what they are going to do is to imagine their tasks as a ball.  This ball in their hand is a solid ball of energy and this is now all the things that they want to get completed.  Once they have filled their snow globe with light, once they have connected with their soul, all they must do is imagine that that ball which represents all of the things that they want to get done now comes in from the outside of the snow globe into their hands, and just imagine sitting with the ball in their hands until it dissolves.  Once that ball dissolves, what has happened is, let us just say that someone says, ‘I want to make $10,000 this month in extra income,’ so they write that down.  They imagine that desire as the ball.  They pull this ball into their snow globe and they wait for it to dissolve.  What is happening is anything that is keeping them from making the $10,000 is now being cut.  As long as it’s for their highest and best good.  If it’s not for their highest and best good, it won’t happen.  So this is the beauty of it, because we are using the Christ light, we are using God’s love and commitment to His children to help them manifest whatever they want.  Someone may have a block that says ‘If I get rich I will lose all my money.’  So maybe they have a cord attached to that belief that keeps them from making money.  So when they pull this ball into their snow globe and it then dissolves, what is really happening is the guides, the angels, the higher self are cutting cords that are keeping them from making this money. Or maybe they have an ex-wife that they pay alimony to and their belief is, ‘If I make more money, I will only have to give her more money.’  So they’ll cut the cord to the wife.  So you don’t need to know what the cords are.  You don’t need to know what they are about.  Just pulling in this ball into their snow globe, letting it dissolve so that it is basically attuning them to what they want.  Somebody wants to lose 45 pounds.  ‘I want to lose 45 pounds,’ they need to be specific, ‘I want to lose 45 pounds in five months.’  They can pull that into their field, let it dissolve, and it’s fine.  They don’t need to ever do it again.  But write down the things that you pull into your snow globe so you can see when they come true.  You don’t have to revisit them for them to manifest but it is nice to revisit the list to see what has come into existence because it’s easy to forget how powerful we are and when one sees all of their desires coming into their life, it is empowering.  It’s just like prayers; you don’t need to say the same prayers over and over and over but if you acknowledge when they come to pass and say thank you, it is also empowering.  Joe, if you want your fiancĂ© to be over here in the United States, you can say, ‘Me and my fiancĂ©, in the United States,’ and put it into a ball, and pull it into your field and let it dissolve, and all the cords that are blocking will be cut, and as long as it’s for your highest and best good, it will happen.  And you know that the universe is working on this.  Many people can manifest the things that they want just by doing this exercise.  And this is why we say that this exercise will make this book very, very popular, because it will lead into other books on manifestation using the snow globe. 
JOE:    Thanks Jesus!!
PETER:           There will be many books on how to use the snow globe to do different things.  The Snow Globe will be very famous, very popular, and because of this all of your other books will be in demand as well.  People will learn of all your other books and they will respect you guys, and you will start to heal the planet using a snow globe.  How beautiful is that?”
JOE:    Beautiful! Sounds good to me!!!
MARISA: Me too!  How AWESOME!  The snow globe is the bomb, thanks guys for suggesting we do this book, I am so incredibly excited!  See you soon!