Friday, August 5, 2016

We SAW Lucifer last night and he is on the loose in the healing community!!

Last night Isabel Scott and I jetted off after the LIFE PURPOSE MEDITATION class I taught to go to an event at Seaside Spiritual Center that Bill, my agent and co author, invited me to. My primary reason for wanting to go was so that I could see the space that I will be teaching at in the September 24th event about Manifesting the life of your dreams with Jake Ducey and William Gladstone ( to register) but I gained SOOOOO much more than I could have EVER imagined going to this healing event.

I am not a big doom and gloom, hell brimstone and fire person in fact up until recently my simple request to my guides was that I was NEVER shown anything that would scare me while still making me aware it was there so that I could remove it from someone's field in a session. Recently though I decided to get real. I have battled addiction since I was 20 years old and now that I have a daughter I want to make sure the behaviors I learned from my family that eventually turned into addictive behaviors were eradicated from my field because I don't want Madison to have to battle my "demons". "Demons" could not be any more accurate when dealing with addiction and other mental, emotional and physical illnesses because now that I have allowed my guides to show me "the scary stuff" which I use to see as blobs of black goopy energy, or the guy from the movie scream or even the south park cartoon satan have become fallen black charred angels, demons, and other super scary looking things.  

As a Clairvoyant Medium and Spiritual Intuitive I can see things, LOTS OF THINGS that 99% of the population could not even possibly imagine so for me to be in denial of "the dark" just because religious fanatics use the dark side to threaten people into their religion or to give money or to live a certain way it should not be an excuse for me to deny the dark sides existence. 

So back to the Spiritual Center last night.... We walked in and one of my students turned Bff's Isabel and I almost fell over with the energy in the room. Standing behind the FAMOUS MIRACLE WORKER was a HUGE "spirit guide" that goes by Melchizedek. He looks like God with the white beard and long white hair. But I have learned to ask Christ to unveil every being that I see and after having Melchizedek unveiled we were literally staring and SATAN... LUCIFER in the FLESH! Now let me remind you that I DID NOT BELIVE IN LUCIFER.... I thought he was a myth or something used to scare people. But NO.... He is REAL and out to fool healers. As a clairvoyant healer I have always been able to see demonic energies, black magic, entities, earth bound spirits, and other scary stuff but it always appeared as nice cute cuddly things like fairies, angels, or cute little grandmas until I learned to ask for Christ to unveil what I was seeing. NEVER have I seen the DARK SIDE SO open and willing to be seen as I did last night.

The event was a healing event and to avoid slander cases I will not share who the best seller author and "master" healer is but Isabel and I were shaking not out of fear but out of anger for the 500+ innocent people in the audience chanting and repeating after this healer on stage to "heal" the sick person on stage that was being healed.

Let me just say that the people on stage DID heal... BUT they were not healed by God... they were healed by dark disgusting horrible looking beings that were laughing and sending dark energy into everyones crown chakras plugging them into the dark side.

So after my LIFE PURPOSE class I was SHOWN MY PURPOSE.... I have been told this before and I never truly understood the weight of it... I am here to be a way shower through CHRIST (this does not have to mean Jesus although Jesus is my guide and I LOVE him) to the intuitive, healers, psychics, and even those who are looking for spiritual development via meditation or healing via healers.

It broke my heart to see a lady terminal from cancer turning her soul and life over to a dark demon that was standing behind this AMAZING healer who takes "blessing donations" for 10's of thousands of dollars with the promise if you give him money you will recieve 10 FOLD! (which does happen for those who donate but NOT because they give the money to him but because THEY BELIEVE that if they give the money they will get 10 fold back... it's the basic principles of the LAW OF ATTRACTION... like the movie the secret!)

SO last night I was re-inspired to make sure that I am directing people to source, the divine, God... what ever you want to call the Creator of all that is through CHRIST.... I FINALLY understand 100% why Jesus came here.... He came to lead all the people who were calling upon God and getting something else to the REAL TRUE SOURCE of all creation... and that is what I am here to do too!

There is NO way to get a false God if you go through Christ (not neccessarily Jesus however you can go through Him too as long as it's not a fake Jesus... YEP! There's LOTS of them in the astral plane too)

My advice is when you are paying or if you are working with a guide ask that the energy you are praying to or working with reach out and touch your heart (metaphorically or in your imagination literally imagine the being touching your heart) and if you feel like you get smaller or feel "icky" it's not something you want to be talking to or praying to.(do not second guess your first feeling that you get) If you feel expanded and LOVED and cared for you are on the right track!

You don't need to be religious to ask that you are led to source through Christ..... Religion has pretty much messed everything up and scarred a lot of people due to the dogma and rules imposed by man but this should not defer us from the Christ light, the Christ Consciousness because in all reality what we are here to do is evolve through all the soul levels and become Christed ourselves and eventually become one with or God like.