Friday, August 14, 2015

Are there Monsters in your closet?

Does your house make you lazy? Do you crave greasy, creamy, cheesy, sugary foods as soon as you get home when you eat like a health nut all day at work? Do you get grumpy when you get home? Do you feel a heaviness as you pull up to your garage? It may not be your nagging other half or your overly active children jumping on the couches, it may be the energy in or under your home! In fact the energy (energy = floating unclaimed emotions) in the home may be the REASON your other half is so gosh darn naggy and psycho these days and your kids act like they are from another planet sometimes!

    In my experience energy build up in homes comes from negative thoughts (most that were never even spoken out loud), family arguments, or stress brought home from the work place. Your house and even your furniture absorb and record everything happening in your surroundings and they do not know to release these energetic “recordings” unless they are told. “Telling a house to do something Marisa? You are crazy!” Yes, I totally agree!  This does sound crazy but so does talking to dead people, so bare with me for minute while I explain.

    One thing I have learned over the years is that EVERYTHING has consciousness and memory! The closest to humans and animals would be our friends in the plant kingdom!  Plants have been scientifically tested and proven to have stress receptors and whats even more fascinating is a plant threatened with a match in one room effects the same species plants in another room! The plants know what’s up! So what is your house made of? Wood? Where does wood come from? Trees? Yes, trees that have consciousness! Even after being cut down the wood has the ability to “remember” so it makes sense that it absorbs what is going on in the house and therefore makes sense that we can clear it and cleanse it energetically the way we can clear the energy of a person and the good news is it’s just as easy as wiping our wooden coffee table with pledge.

    Have you ever been to a hotel and just felt YUCKY? It’s because the room and the furniture in it has stored everything that has ever happened in there! The accumulation of these of negative energies get built up in corners and places that don’t have a lot of movement in them. Just imagine the memories or energy emanating from your home or furniture looks, to a clairvoyant like me, the way a road looks like on a HOT rainy day. The mist emitting from the pavement appears thicker where the cars are not driving but the areas highly traveled have dispersed mist or no mist at all. Why do you think the real scary “monsters” are ALWAYS hiding in the closet?

    Seriously though, how many times did you get scared or have your kiddos gotten scared at bed time swearing there was something in the top corner of the room looking at them, or under the bed, or in the infamous monster hotel closet?  Is there really a monster there? Maybe!  I have met my fair share of nasty beings in people’s homes but the fact is that these “beings” don’t attract to nice clean and protected homes. These menacing entities attract to stress, disorder, anger, jealousy, fear, anxiety… you get the picture. How many of you have ever experienced any of these feelings while you are at home talking on the phone to someone, tapping away on FB, or even talked with a friend who had these feelings while sitting in your family room. That stuff gets left behind and these low frequency emotions are VERY sticky!  They do not leave unless asked to leave and in turn attract even more sticky energies and beings to match them!

    I have have been doing ALOT of remote house clearings lately and in the last month I have had some VERY eye opening experiences!  I have come to realize more than ever that a CLEAN house is a HAPPY house and a HAPPY house is a HAPPY FAMILY!   After house clearings couples who want to strangle each other on a regular basis are back to the way they were when they are dating!  Kid’s nightmares are GONE!  Babies sleep the whole night through!  Rebellious teenagers are pulling up their saggy skinny jeans and paying attention to their parents for the first time in ages! 

    The results of house clearings are AMAZING to me!!  It’s one thing to do a healing on ONE person and see their life change. I regularly think, “Maybe it’s just placebo effect?”. But to do a remote house clearing while a family sleeps at night and hear their teen ager is no longer smoking weed, or their 5 year old woke up RIGHT when I was working on their house (from my home remotely) to say that an angel and a tall girl named Marisa are in her room taking the monsters from the closet more than impresses me!  It convinces me that this is the real deal! So CRAZY, right?

    I typed up a home energy clearing process that I am offering to anyone who requests it.  Email me at to request it or friend me on FB and it’s posted on my page. If space allowed I would print it here, but alas, it does not.

I look forward to hearing from all of you!
Happy House clearing and see you next week!
God Bless,


Just as I do each week let me fill you in a DIY energy technique and see if it works. This week go out and buy some white sage from Soul Scape or any metaphysical shop. I believe stores like Sprouts and Whole Foods sell white sage in smudge packets as well. FYI - Don’t let anyone at a metaphysical book store talk you into crystals or sprays or other “energy clearing” paraphernalia like feathers or abalone shells. Sage, a lighter or match and an old bowl is all you need.
Before starting your energy clearing process take a deep breath in your nose for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, and then release from your mouth for a 4 seconds. Repeat 3-5 times then say in your head or out loud :
“My intention is to connect with my highest self” Now visualize a big BEAUTIFUL disco ball of any variation of color 5 feet above your head and with your mind and your imagination lower it down through your head and into your rib cage area. Close your eyes and just notice what you feel, some will feel relaxed, or tingly others, like me, will feel nothing.
At that point light the sage and set in an old bowl you don't care about. Say in your mind or out loud “I command (christians you can say in the name of the holy spirit with in me I command) all emotional energies, entities, sprits or beings that are not of the light or for me and my families highest and best good to leave now. Thank you! It is Done!”
With the sage lit (doesn't have to be blazing a little tiny bit will do!) walk around the house and wave the sage around so the smoke spreads through the house. Make sure to get the "monsters" in the closets and under the beds. It’s very important that you make sure you OPEN all windows and sliders (you can leave screens shut) so that all the energy you are commanding from the home can freely blow out the windows with the smoke. Plus, if you are like me and can’t stand the smell of sage I am sure you don’t want your house to look and smell like Cheech and Chong are permanent house guests with your family!
When you are done go outside and put the sage out in the dirt and thank the sage and the earth for taking away the negativity from your family's life. I would do this in your head so you don't look like a crazy person talking to what looks like a BIG joint out in the front of your house! Remember plants have consciousness, that means your sage does too and it will be happy to have helped you!
You will FEEL a difference in your home IMMEDIATELY! If you do not then there is probably something more serious going on that requires a professional or someone in the home probably needs a nice good clearing that requires a professional as well. But try this first, it’s way cheaper and easier!