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How is it that you are able to see and hear things that no one else can?

How is it that you are able to see and hear things that no one else can?

In 2008 I had an out of body experience during a traumatic car accident that allowed me to watch the entire scene from above. I was met by two beings that night, one looked exactly like me and one appeared as a big ball of light. I talked with them as if I had known them forever.

I protested having to "go back", I told them that I was done with Marisa and didn't want to deal with that life anymore.... Very long story short, they made me come back.

After the accident it was my mission to find and connect with the girl that looked like me and ask her who she was and more importantly, who I was! I have since found out that she is my higher self and through years of practice, studying, meditation, and a strong belief in the protection of Christ I have been able to build a connection with her through writing or channeling. Through my strong connection with "her" I am able to talk to people, a…

Can our loved ones in heaven communicate with us?

Can our loved ones in heaven communicate with us?During this time of year we start to miss our lost loved ones even more than usual. Thoughts of the years we had together decorating the house for the holidays come flashing back and we can’t help but get sad and nostalgic.This week the guides wanted me to share that our loved ones are still here when they choose to be and also when we call them. Because they are not in their vehicle (human body) they are not able to communicate in the traditional way.Instead, they communicate with our spirit’s “mind”(which is in the subconscious).If we can be aware of some of the signs that they are communicating, there is a chance that you may find that a loved one is sending a message this holiday season!Our loved ones, who are on the “other side”, have the same memories we have plus more that we don’t remember.  I have been told by spirit that one of the many ways that they are able to get messages through to us is by triggering these memories. I ha…