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Joseph's Introduction from "ANSWERS" ~ Bridging the gap between Christianity and Spirituality

"ANSWERS" ~ Bridging the gap between Christianity and Spirituality

Joseph’s Introduction

This book will take about two to three hours to read.  It will take you away from listening to music, watching situational comedies, reality shows or just being bored and looking out the window in a car or airplane. This is a short read with some eye-popping revelations. What follows is something that my daughter and I have discovered through her phenomenal talents while working in the Light of God with His permission.  My daughter can speak with the “other side”.  The reason why she has this ability is further explained throughout our book.
Marisa and I have spent countless hours discussing and taping what comes forward in these pages.  Initially we were very confused by what “they” (to be identified shortly) were trying to teach us. I decided to transcribe the tapes, but it was laborious, and I still wasn’t learning what I needed to learn.  Worse yet, I was immersing myself into this as a devout Christian, too. My mind was flitting all over the place, and I was truly trying to figure out whether or not this was the right thing to do.  All I could hear in my head was “Satan is the great Deceiver”.  The teachers from the “other side” told Marisa that I needed to just listen to the recordings while in a relaxed state of body and mind and then write the manuscript in my own words, not theirs. (I cheated a little and included various transcriptions when appropriate).
As they explained to us, “they” knew I needed to reduce quantum physics down to simple math, so what we have brought to this book is a foundation. It is what Marisa and I have learned from teachers sent by Christ/God/Holy Spirit.  “Spiritual but not Religious” need not cringe.  Just keep reading and then come to your own conclusion. And, Christians, please don’t do elevator eyes yet. Please keep reading.  You are not going to go to hell after reading this book.
This book is meant to bridge the gap between Christianity and Spirituality. It is meant to bring truth to both.
My brother Randy says that I’m trying to protect my daughter in this book. I thought about that and realized that, yes, I am protecting Marisa because she has the ability to connect with the “other side of life” in order to help people who are lost or confused. There are testimonials a little further on in this book that have been written from the deepest parts of the hearts of those clients of Marisa’s who have sought out her help. The “other side” told Marisa and me through her, that what they have given us is very important information for people to understand at this time of universal change.  We humans don’t have a clue about what is going on around us.
When Marisa and I do our Sunday sessions together, I listen to the words that flow from her. When she is channeling, she sounds like she is reading the words directly from a teleprompter, except that her eyes are closed and she only opens them when she would like to submit some input of her own. When we revisit these conversational recordings later on we notice that her voice shows a distinct difference in intonation and vocabulary.

 All that follows in this little book comes from our hearts and from the direction of God.  We hope the following pages will help open your mind and heart to the revelation that you probably suspect, anyway.
We had several of Marisa’s clients read the drafts of this book. Marla Anthony, whose testimonial you’ll read, wrote the following. I loved it:
Add something like this for example. Have you ever wondered if there are more answers than are found in the Bible? And how would you feel knowing that you had guides and angels that God put in charge of you?
Marisa and I know that the suggestions will never end because this is such a fabulous subject. Since I am a father and over time have become, by all rights, a somewhat dogmatic Christian, I think of this work now as parents and children coming together in each other’s understandings of God, the cosmos, the “other side.” To us, this is the chance to bridge the Spirituality and Christianity gap, or at least allow both sides to discuss the issue better and without hard feelings.
Marisa always seeks the protection of God before ever commencing her discussions with the other side.  This is a typical prayer that Marisa says before starting our taped conversations.  The following is the exact prayer that Marisa said prior to our review session of this book with the other side, specifically when we were reviewing the chapter on Hell.

“Heavenly Father God, thank you for bringing us together tonight. First and foremost, I would like to thank you for your love, guidance, and wisdom and for giving us the ability to speak with you and your faithful workers on the other side. I would like to ask that anyone not claiming absolute 100 percent allegiance to Christ to leave now and not come back. You’re not allowed here. Anyone or anything that is for our highest and best good will be allowed to enter into this sacred, safe, and clean place we have created tonight. Anyone or anything that can help us with this book and is for our highest and best good, is allowed in this room tonight. Anyone who cannot help us with this book is not allowed in here. I am calling in Jeremy, Andrew, Eden, and Delores…any of our Guides and Teachers, I would like to call in Abraham, Yeshua, and any other guides that we have not spoken of that are for our highest and best good. Calling in Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Ariel and Raphael for protection. I ask that Jesus Christ come into this room and surround this house with his Light and Shield and keep us protected from evil. Amen.”

My Introduction from "ANSWERS" ~ Bridging the Gap between Christianityand Spirituality

Bridging the Gap between Christianity and Spirituality

Marisa’s Introduction

When we started this book a little over a year ago, the guides came in while I was doing a Reiki reading on my dad and told us that he would be writing a book.  They said that it would help raise the vibration of the planet. They said FIRST and FOREMOST the reason for their coming in to give answers to his questions was to educate him so that he would not have to worry about what it was that I was doing now that I had become a healer, a channel, and a medium. They told him that he would be a kindergartener learning quantum physics. When chatting with him about the understanding I had (which was about a third-grade education), I realized that they (the guides) had a tough road ahead of them.

I have been told by several spiritual teachers that a nice thing about my beliefs is that they come directly from the information my guides have given me. Yes, I was raised sort of Christian, but a child always knows what their parents do and do not believe, regardless of what they are told. I knew my parents didn’t really know or believe in God.  I could see that my mom was against religion because she was raised super-religious and was not even allowed to play cards or she would go to Hell. So that was my take on religion.

I had friends that went to youth group and that was fun, but it was just a good reason to have a social night out during the school week. Eventually my dad didn’t allow me to go to them for that exact reason. I was getting home much too late on a school night.

When I began working with my first REAL spiritual teacher, who I later partnered up with and began teaching with, he loved that I was a clear channel in regards to religious beliefs because I didn’t have ANY. I had not read the Bible, I saw it as a big book of rhymes in an old language that was not understandable.  I didn’t know anyone from any other religion other than a few friends who I grew up with in grade school that were Jewish, and a handful of Mormon friends so I really had no reference to form any beliefs.

My teacher enjoyed the fact that I could get information from the guides without throwing my intellectual, emotional, or egoic thought patterns into what my higher self and guides were sharing with us. Because of this, he encouraged me to channel about these things that I wanted answers to, so I did.

The guides began coming in with AMAZING information about all the levels of Heaven, where people go when they die, where pets go, what reincarnation is all about, what Hell is, they even started talking about all the physical layers of the earth and relative dimensions. It was mind-blowing that information like this was coming through my mouth or through the pen that I was writing with while doing automatic writing (which is a form of physical mediumship).

The information they came in with was quite clear and the messages that they portrayed were astonishing. I was hooked and needed to know more. At this point I began getting curious and looking up some of these things that they would share with me and realized that many of the concepts matched different religions throughout the world. The concepts did not match one religion only, but pretty much covered about three or four primary ones. I was BEYOND FASCINATED.

This is when I started talking to my dad about the information coming in. Although by that point I was a believer in Christ Consciousness, and I understood that Jesus was a human that carried the soul of Christ and came to teach us to not only do as he did here as a human but also when we cross to the other side to strive to be like Christ as well. Even though I believed all of this, for some reason, all my dad's STRONG semi-closed-minded Christian questions would get to me, and I realized why after praying and meditating about it. It’s because I was attaching his questions to an experience we had with our church. He explains the whole ordeal later in the book. Even though we had an experience with a pastor’s wife that soured me to the church for a brief period of time, it never once made me bitter toward Christ. I knew that the people judging us were just scared because they did not understand.  They were more willing to close their eyes and turn their backs on my poor dad and go about their lives. If anything is a true sin, then a pastor turning his back on a man who was part of his church and a personal friend for twenty-five years while his daughter was “being possessed by the devil” would be that sin.

So, anyway, back to my dad’s Christian questions bugging me. I felt that this book should NOT be religious in ANY way and that it should portray these new-found teachings from the guides in that “all are one and one are all.” There are no religions in spirit. They are all manmade. The information that has been given to me by my higher self and guides has been given to countless other humans.  We all hear it in different ways and translate it to others based of who we are, what we know and our conditioning.  This is why there are so many different translations of the same thing. 

The hope of the guides, my dad, and I was to publish a book that would allow people from all religions to see that we are all talking about the same thing! We are all talking about God the creator, the personality of god (Christ) and US, the spirit or child of our Higher Self and our soul who is a piece of our Oversoul and ultimately Christ/Source Energy/God. (My dad simplifies this subject greatly later in the book) We are spirits living in human bodies.  Whether religion believes the savior has returned to earth or not, it does not matter. It is still the same core belief.

That was my hope. It was my hope to bring all this new information to the people that ask me about these topics every day in sessions. I can only do two sessions a day with out wiping myself out, but I do twelve a week.  Each session brings new and exciting experiences and information.  The things I experience while in light trance are things that I could never have even imagined just five years ago. The things said and the education they give us is MIND BLOWING!  These amazing things and the knowledge behind these bring peace to so many.  To me, that is AN AMAZING GIFT and blessing all in itself!

I personally have really only lost one person that I was EXTREMELY close to when I got into this stuff, so I had no real fascination with connecting to and talking to “deceased loved ones”.  I was happy just knowing that the person I lost was okay.  So, when people started to come to see me because their father had died and they wanted to know where he was, I was VERY hesitant, but agreed to try and help. In doing this, I have learned tons of fascinating facts about the other side.  This is also what I wanted to share it in a book.

When my dad sent me the draft for this book, I just slapped my forehead, and thought, “He made it religious, all that info they gave and it’s about Christianity”.  After reading further, I warmed up to it a bit.  It was not until I started to allow my Christian clients to read the book and saw the changes they experienced did I start to get excited about it.

I think our next book will go a bit deeper into all of the information about the other side, but as I have told my close family, who knows? I know that my dad needed to write this book in order to understand that he is not doing anything evil by learning so much about the other side.  He would like to try to convince other Christians out there who are much like how he was, lost and confused by what the church was teaching.  He wants to prove to those, like himself, HOW God can hear them, and how God can be a part of their lives with out feeling guilt or shame for not being perfect.

My dad has so much religious dogma ground into his mind.  Even when I see the excitement in his eyes because the guides are answering the age-old questions that no one else can answer, he still has hesitation.  His fear is that something evil may have or will creep in to tell us lies.  This is especially the case when the guides come in with something that he doesn’t understand or agree with, says that the Bible is not word-for-word correct, or that something MORE than what was recorded in the Bible happened. It totally freaks him out, so dedicating this book to his comfort is VERY IMPORTANT to me.  I hope it helps many others who also have the same fears. (Like the rest of my family other than my mom, brother, and dad, that is.)

I see the light bulb turn on above people's heads every day when I explain to them what the guides have shared about the structure of God, Christ, Spirit, Source, etc. It’s like these people have spent their whole life wanting to be “good” and saying they were believers, but when they are told what my Higher Self said to me on Easter of 2011, (story told later in book) it’s like it all makes sense to them. The energy that I see around them almost immediately turns into relief.  IT’S SO AWESOME it gives me the chills as I write this!  I almost cry when I tell the story because it was such a huge day in my life. I am told after people leave our session that they, too, have a changed life! I believe that a big part of the reason is because they now have proof that there is someone or something out there watching after them, listening to their prayers, and taking action in their lives, and that they don’t have to be alone, EVER!

Marisa Moris/Daughter