Thursday, November 10, 2011

A message from Alana....

I was just reading through my journals that I have with the automatic writing from Alana and this entry caught my eye.  I do not edit these because I have been taught that changing even one word that spirit channels through me may throw off the meaning completely.  Therefore, please excuse the choppy grammar and spelling... Our spirit guides/angels may have wise things to say but spelling and grammar are not their strong suit! ha ha :) 

Love always and forever,
Marisa :)

August 13, 2011
By: Alana (via Marisa) 

I came in here it's ever so far to live like I do where ever you are.  I can not enter unless you do call and you can not enter with out us at all.  We are inside, that it must seem, but really you are the one who is INside.  We watch you as if you are in a small ball with options to handle like nothing at all.  We watch as you teeter, stumble, and fall but LOVE YOU so dearly because each time you fall a lesson is added to each great and small....and then the whole world is taught once and for all.  Each time you see that you are NOT ME we tend to digress and wish that you would see.  We can not impress any much harder what was meant to be is already me.  What you will find here is decisions not started but playing them out because they have already decided. We have watched and listened we have plotted and planned. You are to act out this plan called "life" and the experience you get from it is knowledge, emotion and feelings UNcharted.  Those feelings which come from these simple plans can never be planned as once you are here you have not a hand in creating the life chart but what you can see is that loss of control is actually very empowering.  You could never experience the emotions of unknowing the mystery of surprise at unexpected events the way that we feel them when physicality is started.