Thursday, September 15, 2011

Living Life in Oblivion......

Living a life in oblivion, totally disconnected from the "other side" can be fun, heck, it can be TOTALLY fantastic, exciting, thrilling, and AMAZING!  But when things get bad, that is when we start to look to the "other side" for help.  We need that invisible love that we just can't see from that man in the sky, or the angels playing their harps...... we need the UNconditional love from the divine to get us though. 

The only problem with that is most people who believe in God, do not believe that he is a FORGIVING and an UNconditionally LOVING God unless we are "good".  They believe that their God judges, that he inflicts PAIN and suffering on "BAD" people.  Maybe it's just me but the God that a lot of people believe in doesn't seem like a God at all to me.... he sounds like a human being.  ONE fact that I think we can all agree on is that God is NOT a human being, right?  So why does it make sense to give him human traits?  I don't get it.

I choose to believe that God loves us NO matter what and that God does not EVER inflict pain on us.  Everything that happens to us is by our own doing.  I believe that we have complete control of our own lives but I also know that we do have God inside of us for guidance 24/7..... Kind of like an "internal GPS".  I chose not to use that GPS for 31 years of my life.  I have learned now, that by using this piece of God inside me that I am the happiest I have ever been and everything just seems to fit perfectly. 

I know now each of us is a soul living a human experience and that each soul has a voice. That voice is our Intuition... We all have Intuition, we all get "gut" feelings, we all have "hunches" that come true.  The faster we all learn to hear and trust our intuition, the better our lives will be!

But hey!  To each his own.... I am not here to push beliefs on anyone..... I am just sharing my experiences in hopes that someone like me out there will find me and learn from me.... LOL!  Did that make sense?  For the me's out there that are reading this, I know you will know what I am saying.  ha ha!

Okay...... Until next time!

Blessings and Love,
Marisa :)