Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Life is like Disney Land and all you can eat Buffets!

Life is like Disney Land and all you can eat Buffets!

I am Jesus yes I am but I carry with in you with in each of you a light a light that no one can see unless you look.  For when you can open your mind and your eyes to the knowing that we are all one you can begin to see that each of our lives are like moments in one being’s life.  You can look at the man in line at the Starbucks as an afterthought or a memory in one beings mind but the two of you are the same.  Just as you and I are the same.  We are one being.  There are 12 beings, there are 7 constellations, and there are 18 bi polar magnetics that bring about shifts and changes within the 12 beings.  What you may begin to see is a visualization this visualization is 12 beings sitting on red rock in a desert.  These beings are 80 feet tall and within them they each carry the mysteries of millions of universes and galaxies that no one can quite understand indeed.  These 12 beings make a choice they decide where they would like to go first with in their mind, where they would like to imagine that they are and when they decide they go there they roam the ethers with in the constellations and the constellations then become beings and become who they are.  For it would be like sitting at home and when you imagine that you are at Disney land you immediately clone yourself and a full you appears at Disney land and thinks that it is you and from there it explores and roams Disney land.  While in Disney land that you will sometimes get glimpses of the reality that it is not only in Disney land and then very quickly will go back to the reality it is in due to the veil.  Sometimes the YOU will believe that it IS Disney land and everyone in it because in true reality Disney land IS a creation of YOU that you made up so that you could go there and forget that you made it.  But on one to three levels it is YOU and that would be what many call the trinity the family of thought that as it creates form that comes together to make a place for the zero self or the zero-point aspect of self to experience.  SO, you ask…. Where does the large being sitting on the rock come from?  It is simply a Zero self… it is electricity incarnate in that it is freed from the zeroness of the zero and given the ability to create?  But how does one create if it has never created before?  That is the beauty of the Zero self… it can pull from any other Disney’s ever created and can create a partial Disney or something nothing like it and then create pieces of itself to roam about and create with in the creation.

What you must realize is that Jesus is merely a creation of the one true god and the one true God in this reality is the Zero self that created the Disney land that created the zero selves that created the higher selves that created the avatars that created the mirrored projections that experience the reality in which you live life.  We are projections of projections of projections of REFLECTIONS that witness and therefore believe that they are projections at infinite proportion.  It is like being so engrossed in a movie that you feel as if you were IN the movie and after it is over you are forever effected by the fact that you are not in it anymore because it felt so real, like the characters were your friends.  As humans (the actors in a movie) live life the God consciousness individualized (the REAL US) truly believe that we are the human, that we are IN the movie when in REALITY we are watching through the eyes of our higher self and once we realize this and harness the ability to embody the knowledge and wisdom of the higher self we can, as a mere actor, become the writer, director, and producer of our own movie and change the script to whatever we want because, after all, we are God Consciousness that has chosen to forget in order to have fun and experience something other than being all knowing and never ending.  How boring would it be to eat at your favorite buffet every day for the next 60 billion years, you would want to experience starvation just to enjoy the food once more.  This is what you as God are doing by creating and living this life you are in.  Take control, embody your power strength and wisdom and rather than eating the same buffet over and over create new food, build new restaurants, and eat tons of desserts just because you can!

There is no way to become closer to your true self than you find with in you the zero gate.  The Zero gate is the true key the zero gate is the switch that brings reality to its knees in that we can create whatever we want to create we can fell what we want to feel and we can see that we truly do have free will and to take that free will is not a sin it is not going against Gods word it is BEING GODS WORD it is taking the power back.

The Zero gate exists in different spaces in each individual according to where their awareness is at any given time.  There is no better or worse place, it just is.  For some the gate is between but behind the right and left lung approximately 6 inches up from the umbilicus which is in the center of the solar plexus.  It can be measured 4 inches from the top of the pelvic bone and 3 inches back into the center of the body.  The zero gate is the beginning the end and the source of all creation however there are levels and densities that the zero gate will take one to and those are the selves that we are here to introduce people to and to attune them to.

When one focuses their attention on the zero gate they will immediately be taken to it…. if they would like they can imagine a gate opening and imagine going through this gate which will take them into white light where there is no form no creation just energy and just light.  Go there now…. allow yourself to be absorbed by this energy and then just sit and in your mind or out loud give this all knowing creator self that is you permission to enter into your human to assist you in creating the life you have always wanted, or to heal something you feel will never heal.... Put this piece of you to a test, make it PROVE itself and whether it is through a song you hear or something someone says to you now or in a year you will find that your divinity and power of thought will be proven to you time and time again. 

Love yourself and if you can not love YOU, love the child in you that didn't have a chance to stay a child.  Go into your Zero gate and invite that 7, 8, or even 2 year old into that space so they can feel the love that a world full of fear could not give them.  We bless you dear ones and we bid you adu for now.  Good Night.

Marisa Moris 

When I was in Recovery Singing in the car changed my world!

When I was in recovery for like the 5th time 17 years ago I use to listen to this song (Jewel - Hands) while driving to my AA meetings and I would get chills thinking that one day I wanted to help the world to feel the way I felt when I was clean and had no desire to use and was singing at the top of my lungs in the car with out a car in the world.... the feeling would only last a minute to a few days at a time and it was not until 9 years ago that I would learn that I was a medium and an intuitive (psychic) so the need to use was an unconscious way to self medicate the emotions of others I was feeling around me. I can NOW say that I HELP people to feel that feeling I had singing in the car .... I can clearly see that when I felt that way it was merely me being in alignment with my higher self with a high vibration totally free of others emotions with a CLEAN SNOW globe! 
Funny how life works.... When you are alone driving on the freeway what do you think about?

I don't Feel Real Tip #1 : We go into theta brain wave when we are driving (that is why sometimes you get home and don't remember driving home) therefore making it easier for spirit and our higher selves to communicate with us. Next time you drive invite your higher self in and ask the light of christ to surround you. Those of you who are sensitive probably get visions of your car flipping on the free way or think thoughts like "I wonder what would happen if I turned my wheel and hit that wall" and then you get mad at your self for thinking such a gnarly thought. It's because while you are in that theta brain wave you are a channel reading and picking up on all the things that have happened on the free way so you are reading the energy like a movie. Christ light, a snow globe, and your higher self around you and your car will make sure that doesn't happen and you just might come up with some epiphanies and ideas that are nothing short of being straight from the Divine! 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Intro to the NEW snow globe book by ONLY me... I am a Snowglobe by Marisa

Our lives are made up of moments, snap shops in our minds of who we are, who our family is and what we mean to the world and the people around us. Most of our memories are made up of the pictures that we have seen time and time again in the family photo albums or from the pictures that hang on our parents walls. The stories that our family and friends tell over and over seem to be the things we remember most, but what about all the other times in our lives? What about the other 99.9% of our life?
Do you remember your life? Do you remember how you felt at night before bed when no one was around and no was talking to you about the day? Do you remember the things that you would think about? Do you remember how you felt about yourself and who you felt you were to the world? Do you remember what YOU wanted to be when you grew up... Not what your parents or family wanted you to be or told you that you would be the best at?
Life is funny, it is my belief that as souls, we choose these lives, we choose our parents, we choose the town we will live in and we even choose our birthday and in most cases we help to choose our name. What if you could go back in time and share something with YOU when you were young? If you had an hour with you at any age what would you share or teach yourself? Asking myself that question I immediately knew! I would share this book, all the healing energies that the guides and I programmed into it and the simple lessons that come with it.... I would go back to when I was 7 and I would teach me The Snow Globe!!
After I channeled the first paragraph of this introduction I sat and thought about what I had written. Were my memories my own? Did I grow up living a life based on other’s memories and beliefs? I can remember hanging on every last word that my aunt would share about her personal life and the lives of her friends but I never heard the other side of the story. If I had heard the other side, would I have grown up to be a different person? Probably not. Would my view and perspective on men and their inability to be trusted or depended on have been different, absolutely! Would my life have then been different? Maybe! Would I have had respect for authority and men earlier in life? Maybe, but that is not the point. The point I am trying to make is, how many of your memories are not your own and therefore how many feelings and beliefs do not belong to you but effect you every single day? How many memories are shaded with the perception of the person who told you the story or the one who tells it the most? How much of other’s people’s opinions effect the person you are today?
I believe we are all spirts living a human experience, we are here to live and love and feel joy and peace. Over the last 5 years I have personally done medical intuitive healing, spiritual counseling, and angelic reading sessions on over 10,000 people and out of those 10,000 people I would say maybe 10 of them claim to remember a majority of their childhood to present day, why do you think that is? Can you remember back to when you were 11 years old and recall the entire day? I bet you can’t and either can I because it’s not really important what we have done but it is important how we have felt while doing it. That is why we only remember and talk about the emotional times in our lives, and that is why healing our emotions or the pieces of us that are traumatized by emotional times is extremely important.
However, regardless of it’s importance, no one looks forward to dredging up the past and talking about something that makes them feel bad so in most cases we just ignore the feelings, or try to forget them by bottling them up inside. I will go as far as to say that up until 10 years ago that bottling things was sometimes the easiest route because it didn’t cause the damage it almost immediately causes today.
The world is a different place, the vibration of the ethers are different and our emotions if not dealt with and cleared quickly, are killing people, causing us to get attachments that cause mental illness, and the guilt, shame, fear, and depression that we had 30 years ago and never released are showing up as tumors, Alzheimer’s, seizures, cancers, limes disease, rheumatoid arthritis to name a few. In the 8 years I have been doing healing I can say with 100% confidence that EVERY PHYSICAL ailment starts with an emotional issue that has gone unattended.
I am super excited about this book because although I have now been part of over 15 published books there is nothing that I feel so personally connected to and protective of as the snow globe. It came at a time in my life when I should have been happy, I should have been at peace but of course, because of my personal behavior patterns, I was criticizing myself, putting myself down and living in a state of worry, fear, and “I am not worthy” even though I had begun to meditate, communicate with my angels, and had been successful in working a pretty good spiritual practice of self-awareness whereby I was able to look at myself “in the mirror”, call myself on my own stuff, and begin making changes in my life.
Christmas 2011 I was at my friend Kimba’s house at a group meditation that I had put together so that my mediumship teacher could teach us all about connecting to spirits and giving readings. Before the lesson each week he would lead a 15 minute meditation to get everyone into the right frame of mind to learn and be open to the spirit world. Each week he would lead us to into a big ball of light and into a land where we would be led to meet our guide and every week most of the people in the class would have AMAZING experiences and report back with detailed stories of what and who their guide was and the adventures they had been on while I was struggling to sit still through the 15 minute meditation while staring at the back of my black eyelids and obsessing about how much I sucked at meditation! I never met a guide, I couldn’t even conceptualize going on an adventure because I logically KNEW I was in Kimba’s living room, the whole thing was stupid to me but I wanted to meet my guide and wanted to learn to communicate with the spirits I was now seeing. I began to get desperate and depressed because my logical mind started to convince me that I was wasting my time with all this spiritual stuff I had been spending every waking moment obsessing about and wanting to master. 
Then one night right before Christmas I finally met my guide..... As we were being led into the ball of light I started to be able to make out the silhouette of a man. He was in all white, with fur around his collar and the bottom of his robe. He was holding a staff and had a BIG white beard and long white wavy hair. It was SANTA! Not the fat Santa that wears red, but the one that wears white and is all trim and wise looking. My mind went into so many places... from REALLY?! My freaking guide is Santa?! Is this metaphoric for how “real” guides are? Is this a joke? to OH WOW I LOVE Santa, how exciting to have him as my guide!
“Santa” walked up to me and said “I know you are sad, we hear your cries, please don’t hurt yourself anymore, it hurts us to see how much you think you hate yourself” then he reached out his hand that seemed to grow into the size of the room and in his hand he had a snow globe that I was now in.
He said “You ARE a Snow globe and I have you in the palm of my hands. We love you so much and we will NEVER let you go!” Then from straight above the snow globe a huge beam of light came pouring in through the glass and zapped me with so much light it was blinding. Although I literally felt like I was in a snow globe with all the colored snowflakes and dark black water swirling around me in “real life” I could feel back pain releasing, my head tingling, and my left eye started twitching. It was SUPER weird to say the least but beyond cool at the same time. I was finally experiencing, in meditation, my version of a “grand adventure” like the ones my classmates had shared in the past. I NEVER wanted to wake up and return to Kimba’s house!
Then in what seemed like seconds later the mediumship teacher began to bring us back to the room and everything disappeared. I left Kimba’s house that night feeling like I was 12 years old again! I was happy! I was joyous and had a new found love for my life!
About a month later my dad and I got together and I did a healing session for him. This session would lead to our weekly channelings with the guides who helped to write Answers Heaven Speaks and all the books to follow. Before doing a healing on my Christian father for the first time I was so filled with fear because I could see he was afraid that I was talking to the dark side. This scared me because I finally felt that I had found my calling and I did not want for him to think I had finally lost it and discourage me in any way from pursuing the path I was just starting on. I was finally so sure about my place in the world and what I wanted to do in this life and didn’t want anything to jeopardize that. I knew with every piece of my being I wanted to channel and I wanted to heal people.
I knew if I said a prayer to protect us that we were supposed to be protected but this time I did not feel protected after our prayer, I only felt fear. I was not sure what to do. All of a sudden I heard in my head “You are a snow globe and you are in the palm of my hands” and the whole house, in mind’s eye, turned into a snow globe then a shower of white light came pouring down over the “snow globe”. I felt peace and so much joy! The session went amazingly well and we are here today writing books because of it.
In February of 2012 the guides came through with some teachings about the snow globe. The long channeled message that is in the next chapter was brought through to me and my dad. They explained what the snow globe is and it made so much sense. Since then we have both used the snow globe in our own way every single day.
This little book is going to change the way you see your life. Whether you are filled with your families snowflakes (beliefs) that are not even your own and because of that you are not attracting the things into your life that you REALLY want or you are attached to another person’s snowglobe and feeling stuck in the past even though your mind is ready to move on you are going to see that the snow globe exercise will fix all of that. The only requirement is a desire for change! In fact you don’t even need to know that you want change, nor do you need to know what or if there is an issue at all. You just need a willingness to devote 5 minutes to YOU each day and the ability to imagine in your mind what a snow globe looks like and a bright light above it.
The snow globe has become the center of all my spiritual teachings and the most effective tool in teaching my students to become clairvoyant (to see energy) and clairsentient (to feel). My dad, being the “keep it simple stupid” guy that he is stuck with the basic description of the Snow Globe from 2012 and uses it every day. I of course, being the “I over complicate everything for myself because if it’s difficult it must be better” have over complicated things over the years. 
Writing this book and bringing back the basics have been super refreshing and helpful to me! Over complicating things has however had some major benefits because through that process I have found ways of using the snow globe as a quantum healing tool. I am literally unable to teach healing, meditation, chakras, cords, soul retrieval, channeling, intuitive readings, and mediumship without first teaching the snow globe.
The following chapters are pretty much the first hour of every class that I teach to my new students. Jesus is the one that channeled it because he is me and my dad’s shared guide and Peter is another guide who has become our fun loving buddy who loves to come in with commentary. If I was to be channeling this same information with Bill and Gayle Gladstone (my other co-authors) the same information would have come through but it would have been Saint Germaine or Michael who spoke because they are our shared guides and in essence higher dimensional versions of Jesus (Michael is Christ or Jesus’ Higher Self) and Peter (Saint Germain and Peter share a higher self).
The point I am trying to make is that my dad is Christian so this next section has a Christ like flavor however the snow globe is NOT religious in ANY way and I do not want the way it is talked about in the following conversation with the guides to defer anyone from using it. However, to all you Christians out there you can be assured that the energy we are working with is Christ light, creator energy (your individual creator soul), and the white light of unconditional love (holy spirit). I hope that you enjoy this little book, it should take no more than a couple hours to read and if you do not have time to read all about the snow globe, what it is and how it works just yet, flip to page ____ or go to to watch the exercise for connecting to your higher self and protecting and clearing your energy using The Snow Globe or download the free meditation from to do the same. Make sure to write down all the things you want in life so that you can do the manifestation exercise at the end of the book after you do the initial 5 minute exercise of connecting to and clearing your “snow globe”.  The manifestation exercise WORKS! I have 100's of testimonials in addition to my own as proof!